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The market at St Georges is a noisy, colourful and fragrant experience not to be missed. The best day to visit is Saturday as this is when you will find it at it's busiest. There is always a bewildering array of not just Nutmeg, but a huge number of other locally grown spices such as cloves, ginger, vanilla, cinnammon, and mace ,along with many fruits and local produce.
If your looking a unique experience, take a water taxi over to the unihabitated island of the south shore of Grenada - called Hog Island. Although, open every evenings - the party really happens on a Sunday. The only building on the island 'Roger's bar' attracts a large mix of people. With no electricity, no water, no bathrooms, just beer, sun, beach music and fun.
With Grenada being such a lush tropical island there are of course some beautiful waterfalls to be found. The most well known being Concord Falls and Annandale Falls. Other popular waterfalls include the Seven Sisters - if your up for a hike. In reaching any of the waterfalls you will go through some stunning scenery.
If you are interested in history, Grenada's forts have much to offer. Here you can learn about the battles between the French and the British as well as take panormic views across St. Georges and the countryside.